Naples is a city of rich colours.
  • Naples is a city of rich colours.
  • Naples
  • The Dome of the Galeria Umberto

  • Galleria Umberto, Naples
  • The historic center of Naples is full of narrow streets just brimming with commerce.
  • The architectural details on many of the buildings speak to the grand days of the city.
  • Piazza del Plebiscito, largest square in Naples and one of the largest open squares in Europe. Named after a 1860 referendum to unit Italy.
  • From the Piazzo del Plebiscito towards the Galleria Umberto.
  • Santa Chiara Cloister, lush and luxurious, a notable departure from the plain grass lawns of early monastic cloisters.
  • The walls of the cloiser gallery has frescoes.
  • The cloister was transformed starting in 1742 with octagonal pillars, pergolas and seats with ceramic tiles (majolica) showing 64 scenes of landscapes, masquerades, and mythological scenes etc.
  • The tile seats in the cloister.
  • Yes there is lots of graffiti in Naples, but don't let that turn you off from this beautiful city.