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2018 Winter Minimalistic

2018 Winter Minimalist - In February I returned to Alberta for a great workshop on winter minimalist photography. Each year I have attended this event has its own special characteristic. This year is was -30 temperatures. Quite the challenge

2018 Winter Minimalistic

An early morning walk along the Alouette River in Pitt Meadows is also a relaxing experience.

Dorthy Alberta

Dorthy Alberta is thought of as a ghost town, but there are a dozen or so people that live there. Once a thriving town with three grain elevators, now the remains of the United Grain Growers elevator stands and is quickly falling into ruin.

Recent Broader Travels

Pont Sant'Angelo in Rome

Our apartment this year was a near the Pont Sant'Angelo so I found myself hanging out quite a bit on this bridge that was built by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 134AD.

Pantheon, Rome

One of my favourite locations in Rome is the Pantheon. This is the older intact Roman structure that still exists. I enjoy it early in the morning before the throngs of tourists arrive. In 2018 they are going to start to charge admission to enter. Expensive upkeep. While I don't object to helping with the upkeep, I think the lineup, the tickets etc is going to change the unique atmospher of just walkin in.

St Peters the Vatican

If you go very early in the morning, I arrived just after 7:30, there are few people and you can enjoy yourself walking through St. Peters. Do not try this on a Wednesday morning.

Crete Senesi Tuscany

The Crete Senesi is such a different part of Tuscany. It was a base for our 2017 Travels in Tuscany/

Pont du Bercy Paris

I had a pleasure of making a new friend in Paris, and he took me to the Pont du Bercy, my first time there. Enjoy this bridge a lot.

Bergamo, in the Lombardy Region was beautiful.

Prague Czech Republich

Prague remains a highlight of our 2017 travels. This is a beautiful city the is rich in history and architecture.


Vienna was a grand city, with grand architecture. We did enjoy our time there, but in coming from Prague, I missed the more intimate feeling that is part of that city.


Budapest is such an interesting city. Lots of sights and a great atmosphere.


Essouira - Coming


Casablanca - In progress

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Fez - in progress


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