• Carpentras
  • Carpentras
  • DSC_1222-72-575-Carptentras
    Patina on building in Carpentras advertising Le Petit Marseillais, a newspaper, holds historic structure status.
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  • DSC_1231-72-1000- CarpentrasAngelFountain
    The historic Angel Fountain is still used for everyday purposes.
  • Art festival in Carpenstras
    Art festival underway in Carpentras
  • Passage Boyer in Carpentras
    Passage Boyer in Carpentras
  • Photography Exhibition
    There was a photography exhibitions with more than 100 photographs painted on banners that hung over the streets of Carpentras
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  • Saint-Siffrein Cathedral in Carpentras
    Saint-Siffrein Cathedral in Carpentras was built between 1405 and 1519